Model 70 (20X)

Brock Magiscope Order Form

Lowest price available. Over a decade in the field has earned the Magiscope a reputation for unsurpassed reliability, optical excellence, and the ease of use. Brock Magiscopes are easily used at all levels of education in the classroom or the outdoors. Standard room lighting is sufficient. All Magiscopes have a life time Unconditional Warranty including accidental breakage coverage.

Features :

  • One moving part and no exposed threads, levers, screws or mechanical adjustments
  • Ideal for all classrooms and outdoor studies.
  • The lumarod illumination system provides simultaneous reflection and transmitted light without adjustment or replacement of bulbs, batteries, mirrors or prisms.

Multiple magnification (20X, 50X, 100X, 200X, 400X) available by changing eyepieces and objectives.


A. Model #70 20 X magnification 5X eyepiece and 4X objective
B. Model #70 20X & 50X magnification 5X eyepiece, 4X and 10X objectives
C. Model #70 20X, 40X, 50X & 100X magnification 5X & 10X eyepieces and 4X, 10X objectives
$ 175.00
D. Model #70 20X, 40X, 50X, 100X, 200X & 400X magnification 5X & 10X eyepieces & 4X, 10X & 40X objectives
$ 210.00

Field Case
Field Case Order Form
The field case provides protection for a Magiscope in the field or storage in the classroom. It is rugged, well padded and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that allows for easy carrying. Elastic holders inside for accessory lens or specimen storage.

Your Price $ 25.00