About Us

M B Learning Systems is a family owned and operated company which has spent the past twenty years providing products and workshops for teachers to help them cultivate the natural curiosity of their students.

With a philosophy for hands-on learning which includes the outdoors as a laboratory, students who are given the proper tools, resources and direction, discover the joy of science while exploring their world. This philosophy is in keeping with the National Science Education standards which state, "Students should describe objects and events, ask questions, acquire knowledge, construct explan-ations of natural phenomena, test those explanations in may different ways and communicate their ideas to others.” Conducted by life-long educators, the workshops build on this philosophy in offering a wealth of activities and strategies for effective science teaching.

M B Learning Systems is committed to providing the science educator a reasonably priced source of products to assist students in their quest for knowledge of the world at their doorsteps. The video microscopy and field-friendly Magiscopes allow easy access to the microscopic world at an economic price for students of all ages. The durability of the Magiscope with its life-long warranty adds to its attractiveness. Cordless microscopes provide greater flexibility in the classroom or in the field where electrical power is limited. With Digital microscopes and video flex cameras, objects can be projected on a TV monitor, LCD projector and/or computer so that all students can see microscopic details of an object, or they can be recorded for future use. Exper-imentation and inquiry activities can be saved and shared in future presentations. The Vision Viewer Camera and Bookcam allow all students to view objects and pictures not only in science classrooms but also in reading and language arts, music, geography, social studies, vocational or for special needs students. When using these products, students and teachers are limited only by their imaginations in the visualization of the world in which they live.
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